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Steamy poolside holiday romance on Dane Jones
June 17, 2019
Julia De Lucia is taking selfies by the pool, and Dorian del Isla is reading a cookbook nearby. In order to get the stud's attention, Julia asks him to take pictures of her. When Dorian stands up, Julia sees he is fully naked, and standing with a full erection! Flustered and turned on, Julia plays coy, and soon, Dorian invites her into the water. Julia pretends to be unable to swim, but the stud coaxes her into the water, and she holds onto him tightly until they start to kiss. Propping her up on the pool lip, Dorian eats Julia's luscious pussy, then pleasures her with his hard penis. The pair then fuck on a nearby pool chair, and then in 69, Julia wanks Dorian until he cums in her mouth.

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