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Horny couple outdoor fuck in public on Dane Jones
September 19, 2017
It's a beautiful summer day amongst the trees, not too hot, not too cold...perfect for a horny couple looking for an outdoor fuck in public. Amy Red and Max are that couple, young lovers walking in a forest, looking for the perfect tree to fuck on. Their search proves fruitful and after dropping the yoga mat they brought with them, Max holds Amy against a tree and kisses her deeply, then pulls out her perky tits. With a naughty look in her eye, Amy frees Max's hard cock from his shorts, drops to her knees, and gives him a delicious blowjob. Forgetting their chances of getting caught, Max pulls Amy's shorts down and returns the favor, before fucking her against the tree as joggers dash along cluelessly nearby. Suddenly, the couple hears someone approaching, so they quickly get dressed and run deeper in the forest to somewhere Max can lay the yoga mat down and really get deep inside of Amy Red.

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