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Main Video Thumb: Come Again - Steve wasnít quite sure what to expect with new girl Claudia, what he got was a cock hungry blonde who couldnít wait to get in his pants. She looked him deep in his eye as she blew him and Steve confessed later that this was the moment he started to lose control and before he knew it he blew his load. But it did not phase him, he took the time to eat her pussy with dedication, something which Claudia did not expect, and by the time he was finished she was dripping wet, enough time for him to build up another explosive ejaculate.
Main Video Thumb: Body and Soul - Morgan and Don share an intimate connection here, the kind that turns sex into a deeper interaction of body and soul. The two kiss and caress passionately, go down on each other with the enthusiasm it deserves, and fuck as only two young lovers can! Morgan and Don are each beautiful and talented in their own right, but together they come to make something special.
Main Video Thumb: I Got It Bad - Katy Rose has got it bad! She has that untameable erotic desire that skitters through her whole body yearning for a skilful lover. You wouldn't know to look at her, a picture of grace and serenity as she stands by the window, but Max can see exactly what needs to be done.

The pair of hungry lovers kiss passionately and within moments the two are voraciously pleasuring each other. This is a scene so passionate it never even makes it to the bed. Katy and Max can't be parted for a single moment, so they explore every possible standing position as they fuck to climax by the bedroom window.
Main Video Thumb: Glorious - Beautiful redhead Crissy Fox is nothing short of glorious. A bi sexual nymphomaniac with plenty of experience, it's no wonder she always impresses in any scene with any partner! This time she's paired up with the oh so handsome Max. No stranger to love himself, he was more than able to handle Crissy's strong desires, giving her everything she wanted and accepting everything she wanted to give!
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Main Video Thumb: RED - It's quite simple. When you walk into a room and see a beauty like Crissy Fox your heart skips a beat. When she beckons you closer you do not hesitate. When she kisses you and runs her hands over your body, you know that she is looking for deep, intimate pleasures. You must give her everything she desires, because when a drop dead gorgeous redhead like Crissy Fox is in the room there is nothing as important as her.
Main Video Thumb: All That - Blonde beauty Angella has got everything and then some, and doesn't she know it. There's something about a confident woman that drives young stud Matt wild so he's determined to give her every pleasure she deserves in this passionate scene of true romance.
Main Video Thumb: I Really Like You - Lola & Max share an intimate connection in this scene that makes every moment a real joy. Both eager to please with all the talents they've picked up as ardent fans of romantic love making, the pair of young lovers engage in passionate embraces and some truly beautiful sex.
Main Video Thumb: Let Go For Tonight - Right before this passionate encounter Monty was eager to leave for an important meeting but when Cristin is horny there is no denying a sweet young thing like her! Her petite frame, dazzling smile and a shaved pussy hungry for cock was all too much for her tattooed lover. Monty soon realised he would have to let it go for tonight and instead enjoy the pleasures of his beautiful blonde partner.
Main Video Thumb: Anything Goes - Heavenly blonde nymph Sicilia is ravenous for studly Monty's hard cock in this passionate scene. This petite Hungarian babe needs orgasms and she needs them now and there's no better partner than Monty to fuck her in every position until she is fully and thoroughly satisfied.
Main Video Thumb: My Girl - Max loves his girl, Angela does everything he wants, everything he needs and more. But a man needs his sleep and Max canít stand to be woken from his regular afternoon snooze, maybe today heíll make an exception however, because Angela has brought him a special surprise: herself, to do whatever he pleases with. She calls to him and soon he begins to wake, she works her way around his body and now his cock begins to stir. He slips inside and they move together towards orgasmic bliss, maybe heíll have to catch up on his sleep another day.