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Main Video Thumb: Heat Of The Moment - Sexy redhead Linda Sweet is paired with the hunky ladies' favourite, Martin Q, in this hot session we've entitled Heat Of The Moment, and when you watch the video we're sure you'll understand why. Chemistry between two people is nearly impossible to fake, and there is nothing fake about this scene. Starting with some preliminary fondling and kissing, the action real heats up when Martin gets to work eating out Linda's sweet, tight, shaved pussy, working her into quite a lather, and when she's ready, he treats her to an extensive fucking, man that guy has stamina!
Main Video Thumb: With Every Heartbeat - Alexis is such an incredibly beautiful woman, her long brown hair falls softly onto her gentle curves, her lips plump and ready to give you pleasure and her pussy smooth and always ready to be satisfied. Alexis is paired with Thomas J for this erotic interlude, and they make for a potent pairing, Thomas eating out Alexis' tight shaved pussy with relish as he palms and tweaks her perky tits, soon followed by his hard cock as he fucks her from a variety of angles, switching between fucking and blowjobs, Alexis cumming with increasing intensity and frequency, and Thomas completing with an internal cumshot and creampie to close the scene.
Main Video Thumb: Come Together - In this hot and sensual scene, Emeline and Martin Q are paired with glorious result. Watch as Martin makes out with this raven-haired beauty, running his hands all over her thin, toned and tanned body, making her come alive with pleasure. Getting on all fours, Emeline reveals her beautiful, wet pussy and Martin gives it an expert tonguing, making her writhe with pleasure, and causing her pussy lips to engorge. Emiline gives him a blowjob, but itís fairly quick as she really really wants that big cock inside her as soon as possible, and her wish is soon granted as she is fucked and tonged to multiple screaming orgasms.
Main Video Thumb: The Sweet Taste of You - Alyssa sexily undresses Eufrat, it's slow and sensual as she savours every inch of her flesh being revealed. They step in the bath and Alyssa sits behind Eufrat with legs wrapped around her lover and holding tight. They kiss as Alyssa squeezes Eufrat's plump bosom, letting her fingers slide through the wet surface as they knead it. She reaches round to grab Eufrat's bum as it stands out of the water, the bottom of her cheeks framed by the bubbles of the bath. Eufrat's breasts are really an impressive sight, she has so many other fantastic qualities that they can easily be forgotten, but Alyssa spends time really taking in the awesome view one gets kneeling before a goddess like Eufrat with a such a heavenly figure. Once Eufrat has completely soaped-up Alyssa's body she has her up on the edge of the bath so she can get to her pussy and do what she wants with it. She pulls the labia up firmly, exposing the clitoris and splashes water on it, making the easily aroused Alyssa shudder a little at the impact and vibrations. After orgasm, Alyssa spreads the ass of Eufrat as she fingers her, who looks back smiling into her eyes before she decides to use the shower head on her own clitoris, sending ripples of pleasure through her insides.
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Main Video Thumb: Wild One - Redheaded beauty Linda gets down with the fit Martin Q in this sensual scene. The sexual chemistry is palpable as this attractive pair caress and stroke each other, the tension escalating exponentially as they tease and excite each other. Martin puts this sexy lady on all fours so he can give her a good tonging, getting her wet and slippery for when he eases in his huge cock, stretching her tight pink pussy as he fills her up, and slowly starts fucking her as she moans with pleasure, the intensity building until its like a runaway freight train and Linda is experiencing rapid-fire orgasms.
Main Video Thumb: Feel The Love - Can you feel the love? That's a question Connie often asks herself. It's one thing to say you are in love, but those are just words. To take any relationship deeper and build a lasting foundation for the passions that allow couples to share a lifetime, it has to be something much more real as demonstrated by actions and emotions. Denson cares for Connie and every time he touches her she senses the sparks of their connection. How long will it last? As long as she feels the love!
Main Video Thumb: Whats Your Fantasy - You always want your partner to be happy, yet even the most generous lover also has their own set of more selfish desires. Ivy and Marc have made it a game of taking turns. They call it What's Your Fantasy, and each time they are together, whoever's turn it happens to be gets to lay out the framework for what's to cum. Today was Ivy's turn and she wanted her man on top, powering her way toward a shared climax that left them both drained completely.
Main Video Thumb: Climax - Some would say you can tell right away that this Climax is going to be a quickie because Alexis has her sneakers on during the action. Perhaps she is a mistress who needs to be ready at any moment to leave through the side-door so Martin's wife won't find out. Adding that layer of naughty suspense and the thrill of avoiding being caught in the act heightens the sexual tension and allows both of them to share in the success of this creampie finish. It's amazing example of how a simple set of sneakers can ignite a lustful afternoon of roleplay for couples!
Main Video Thumb: The Way Love Goes - A gentle caress over his pants, soft sweet kisses and the warm taste of her tongue as each breath becomes more intertwined with the last. His hands groping at her ass and tugging at the fabric of her new lingerie. The whole afternoon together to explore the most sensual aspects of their relationship. For Amarana Miller and Marc Rose, that is exactly the way that love goes! Every giggle, wink or touch heightens the encounter and feeding off the energy they exchange, the couple soon becomes so much more than either of them ever could be on their own.
Main Video Thumb: What We Shared -  From the way Tracy almost refuses to let Brandy's lip go on their first kiss we know this is going to be great scene. Watching it we feel close, we can really feel the intimacy of the two women, the kisses are long and sustained, the girls don't want their lips to part because they simply love the feeling of them lingering on one another. They share an impulsive and natural smile and a gentle laugh at the feeling of this moment and their excitement of what is to come. Tracy kisses seductively down Brandy's neck and we see her incredible arse resting on Brandy's thigh as she lays on top of her. She continues her work on Brandy's erogenous zones by licking on her belly button before placing a hand inside her black panties and rubbing over her peach of a pussy, making Brandy tremble a little inside. The sustained passion and desire for each other is clear as we can hear the girls breathing through their noses as they keep their lips locked throughout their kisses. Tracy loves every second of Brandy sucking on her small ripe breasts, her nipples now standing up tall to attention. Tracy slowly takes Brandy's panties to one side to reveal her sweet lips, with a neatly trimmed natural bush above, Brandy really starts to moan as Tracy rolls her tongue round and round and sucks on her clitoris, but she knows this won't be enough to make Brandy climax and she wants to really get at her pussy, fingers too, so she stops to remove her panties and get stuck in.