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Main Video Thumb: Seduce Me Tonight - Adorable Keira is in for a treat as Martin spices up their romantic play with a simple black blindfold meant to help her maintain complete focus on their time together. She is the kind of girl who is always getting distracted by the ring of her cellphone or hurrying to answer another text from a friend, and Martin knew this would be the most sensual way to show her how much he wants her full attention. Even as she slinked out of it to see what was going on, he quickly used it to tie her hands to the headboard so there would be no doubt where her affections needed to be aimed next!
Main Video Thumb: Promises - Truth be told, Thomas and Naomi aren't actually a couple. Thomas is the newest stud to appear on the Dane Jones site because Naomi brought him to us in an effort to make her steady boyfriend jealous. It seems he hasn't exactly been faithful and now it's her turn to take matters into her own hands, and what better way to do that than with a charming local gent like Thomas who is capable of earning a big orgasm from her on camera for the whole world and her soon to be ex-lover watching with envy!
Main Video Thumb: Dreams - Dreams are a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. A time when your thoughts are free to play with the kind of unrestrained enthusiasm and imagination that thrills you in ways day to day monotony never would. Can you conjure up carnal thoughts of Micha and Amarna, together in your own bedroom as you watch from a comfortable chair just a few meters away? Set those images in your wishes just before you close your eyes tonight, and let this sexy video be a starting point for igniting the best XXX dreams you have ever fancied!
Main Video Thumb: This Love - By all accounts, 2014 was the year of the big Booty. From Kim K to the Anaconda and now on to Natalee that trend continues as Lance gets his first look at the delicious way her derrière moves in bed. For her part, Natalee is so much more than just another pretty face. An accomplished kisser, sensual dancer and musical person – her hips provide the missing melody that satisfies the cravings of any viewer who is all about the bass!
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Main Video Thumb: Wildest Dreams - Thomas J's wildest dreams are coming true. His girlfriend Morgan B is kind of kinky. The brunette has invited over her blonde friend, Nikki for a hot threesome. Morgan is completely bisexual and wants to share her sexual interests with her boyfriend. The three get involved in a sex train. Nikki sucks Thomas' hard cock while Morgan fucks her girlfriend with a big strap-on dick. Finally Thomas sticks his member in Nikki's pussy and almost cums right away from her luxuriously wet pussy.
Main Video Thumb: Lucky Man - There is a captivating connection between these two in every moment, from their shared glances, to the soft caress as hands and bodies meet. That’s the kind of affection only real couples share, and Lexi Dona loves Jason X on or off camera. A true erotic energy that makes every aspect of their coupling a beautiful sexual image worth capturing on film. Let yourself become immersed in their romance and feel all the distractions melt away as they play together with you!
Main Video Thumb: Venus - You might mistake gorgeous brunette Anna for Venus, the Roman goddess of sex. Lance certainly finds her beautiful body such a turn on. When Anna sees he has an erection just from making out, she takes Lance's hard member into her mouth to pleasure it. Finally Lance can't take it anymore, he must have his beautiful Venus. He puts his cock into Anna's wet pussy and pounds away in every position you can think of. Anna loves the way Lance pleasures her, and himself with the hard and sensual fucking.
Main Video Thumb: We Are Santa's Elves - Santa's elves, Keira and Fernando, should be busy in the workshop, not fucking in the bedroom! Listen, is that the sound of sleigh bells? Is Santa coming? It's not Santa but someone is definitely coming tonight! Fernando and Keira indulge in some fun and frisky roleplay as they don festive Xmas elf cosplay outfits. Fernando loves his cute brunette elf so much that after pounding her tight pussy he squirts a big load of creamy white cum on her nice round ass. It's just what Keira wanted for Christmas!
Main Video Thumb: Bellefleur Girl - Lola is a cute blonde waitress. She usually spends her days on her feet, serving her customers food, but today she has found a moment to herself for self pleasure. You will love to watch Lola as she rolls around on the bed, sensually stripping for you. Then, Lola uses a high powered purple vibrator on her clitoris to masturbate. Her hips hump in the air, so the head of the vibrator rubs up and down all over her pussy. Lola goes into her own world of pleasure as she works herself up to a powerful orgasm.
Main Video Thumb: Spend the Night - Alicia Wild is a beautiful tattooed brunette who has been dating Max Dyor for a while. Tonight is a special evening, it's the first time Alicia is going to spend the night. Even so, they know each other's bodies pretty well by know. Max knows just how Alicia likes to have her pussy licked, and which angles she prefers to be pounded from. Max Dyor loves the way Alicia Wild's round ass jiggles softly as he pounds her from behind, in a doggy style position, before he releases his explosive cum load from the sensual experience.