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Main Video Thumb: Sweet Emotion
Tour Video: Those first few weeks of a new relationship are filled with such sweet emotion. Kat has only been with her boyfriend Thomas for ten days or so, and they want to remember the energy of this new beginning together forever. That's why they were smart enough to grab a video camera and film this video the fourth time they ever had sex with each other. Now, no matter how many months, years or decades their love lasts, they can always look back on their first few weeks with fondness and a keen eye on what drew them together from afar in the first place!
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Main Video Thumb: Multiple Orgasms
Tour Video: Mary and Rob have been in a loving relationship for two years. They love experimenting in the bedroom and know each others bodies extremely well. 

Rob adores his girlfriend's incredible physique. Her shape is mind-blowing. With beautiful, plump breasts, a solid shapely bum and an irresistible pussy it's little wonder her boyfriend is a very happy man. Mary's phenomenal body and stunning looks give her the confidence to be completely uninhibited when it comes to sex. She demands more than one orgasm, she is the type of girl that can cum in numerous positions. She rides her boyfriend's hard cock with captivating joy. She closes her eyes to orgasm as Rob pulls out and covers her gorgeous vagina with a heavy load. He slips it back inside as she softly shudders and smiles.

From every angle she is sublime, if ever a woman was built for the physical act, it was her.
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Main Video Thumb: Afternoon Delight
Tour Video: Continuing from a very popular scene last month called
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Main Video Thumb: Your Orgasm Inside Me
Tour Video: Silvie and Martin first hit it off in a scene we filmed last year called Tenderness, they had a real connection so we asked them if they would like to get back together for a brand new and exclusive love scene!

We wanted the focus to be purely on this young couples enjoyment of being intimate with each other. Martin knows what Silvie likes and her body really responds to his touch. Long moments of kissing and amorous foreplay really makes this scene electrifying, with his hand down her panties using her natural wetness to stimulate her clit, mouth to mouth they breath each other in. When Martin heads between her legs he delights in devouring her heavenly pussy, and he is so good and so enthusiastic eating her that she begins to come, her orgasm is strong and flows through her in waves.

His huge, thick dick is already rock hard and she stretches her warm wet mouth around his girth, fellating him lovingly, worshiping his cock, twitching excitedly at the thought of him inside her. When she moves on top of him, opens her legs and slides herself down on his cock they are finally together in the most intimate and passionate of embraces.

This scene is totally natural and organic, we simply allowed this beautiful couple to enjoy each other so we could capture these real feelings, this scene is not a show for the camera, it's undiluted and lustful, loving and heartfelt. Their bodies remain close, they gaze into each other adoringly and become one in the shared pleasure of physical love.

It was very unexpected and not planned when Martin said he was going to come, Silvie was just on the verge of a climax too when she told him to come inside her. In the most intimate of moments, face to face, they orgasm together and he ejaculates inside her. A wonderful end to a simply fantastic scene.
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Main Video Thumb: Soft Curves
Tour Video: Connie returns to our site with her man in this brand new and exclusive love scene!

She made quite the impression on our team and our members last year when she graced our site with her all-natural feminine beauty. Connie is a very alluring young woman, her come-to-bed eyes make us weak at the knees, her gorgeous smile and soft curvacious body are simply sublime!

We shot this scene in a glass walled penthouse one quiet Sunday afternoon. Connie and her partner settled onto the bed in a very intimate and private room to become romantic with each other, with only one cameraman in the room we simply let them make love the way they do at home. The scene is long and flowing as they kiss tenderly, spending a lot of time on foreplay before they are so turned on they can't hold back any longer. 

Check out the shot when they are in a missionary position, we see his precum mixing with the natural wetness in her vagina as he slides deep inside her silky warmth and then out again. It's an unbridled and honest scene rich with passion and feeling, and such a joy for them to share this kind of personal and intimate sex with us.
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Main Video Thumb: Internet Date
Tour Video: Internet dating is a common way of meeting people nowadays, Rita is a busy woman so after her long-term relationship came to an end, she made a profile online and has been dating regularly. Unfortunately she hasn't had much luck or met the right kind of man, up until now that is!

Rita and Martin connected with each other in a very special way, but Martin puts her under no pressure whatsoever and after a quick goodbye kiss he tells her he'd like to call her to meet again. Rita makes an impulsive move after such a long time without making love, and invites him in!

This love scene is beautiful in so many different ways. Rita is phenomenally sexy, and she really craves for and desires Martin. He knows how to pleasure a woman so they take their time, kissing and playing with one another during foreplay. When he first sees her glistening wet, shaved pussy, he comments on its beauty. When he finally slides his thick cock inside her, we see her girl-juice coating his shaft.

They make love together and while she is on top of him, holding him close with her large natural breasts in Martin's face, she has a deep orgasm that ripples through her curvaceous body. Finally in a spoon position Martin can no longer hold his ejaculation and he pulls out just in time to cover her pussy in his cum, afterwards sliding his cock back inside her warm, tight pussy and kissing his new girlfriend!
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Main Video Thumb: My Sisters Boyfriend
Tour Video: Ivy has been fantasizing over her older sisters boyfriend for months. She lays awake at night thinking about him and touching herself, imagining what he looks like naked, and what he would do to her if he could have his way.

On this particular morning Martin is sleeping in her sisters room while she is at work! No one will be home for another few hours so Ivy puts on a sexy white outfit she secretly bought online, and finds the courage to sneak into bed with him. She quietly and slowly touches his cock through his underwear, and she feels it grow and get thicker, and stiffer with every touch. When she takes it into her mouth it excites her immensely.

When Martin wakes he is shocked and tries to stop her, but it's too late, with his rock hard cock now seeping pre-cum he can't resist taking the innocent young sister of his girlfriend. Ivy's pussy is grooling for him and he makes love to her passionately, giving her orgasms and making her eyes almost roll back in her head at times! 

He is only the second boy she has ever had sex with, and her first 'real man!' She asks him to cum inside her pussy and he shoots deep into her young cunny.
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Main Video Thumb: My Beautiful Wife
Tour Video: We love meeting couples in love! When Connie and Lazlo came to us to model for this scene they arrived hand-in-hand and were very openly affectionate with each other.

Connie is an incredible woman, she doesn't have a conventional
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Main Video Thumb: Lost In Praha
Tour Video: She watches the girls go by. She likes to take her time when she's choosing. One has curly hair, one looks like a school-teacher, one has freckles, one has sadness in her eyes. She knows it will be easy, she can already sense the excitement as women catch her scent as they pass her by. 

The addiction will never go away, and she knows that after all the affairs, all the short-lived and salacious encounters and all the orgasms, she will never be satisfied. Familiar pangs will consume her, she'll crave the taste of fresh nectar on her tongue, she'll ache for that climatic moment again, and again, and again.


Our first short-feature is an erotic and atmospheric experience starring Ariel as a lesbian sex addict. We follow her stream-of-consciousness, as she moves from one conquest to the next in a dream-like haze of unquenchable lust.

Also starring Ivy, Tess and Lucy, Lost In Praha is 45-minutes of highly erotic and incredibly sensual lesbian sex. Whilst we tried to create a unique vision and atmosphere, we also wanted to make the sex scenes incredibly real so they were in keeping with the distinct style we have created at DaneJones.com and Lesbea.com. 

Each scene is authentic and the sex experiences we see between the women are genuine, we captured real orgasms, real wetness, and real passion during the filming of Lost In Praha. 

We have been thinking about expending the feature into a series. Tell us what you think!
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Main Video Thumb: Naked
Tour Video: Sunlight pours into Zuzana's bedroom as she soaks up the morning light. Martin is half-asleep on her bed, exhausted from her nymph-like sexual drive. She met him two weeks ago on campus and the moment she saw him she knew she had to have him.

Zuzana's sexuality is powerful and intense, she needs constant physical gratification from her lover. She feels the stirrings of desire building, her pussy becoming moist at the thought of his hard cock sliding deep inside her, his eyes locked onto hers while she tightens her pussy around his thick shaft, milking him as he fills her up completely.

She gently wakes him, removing his trousers and wrapping her warm lips around his throbbing member. Her tits grow hot and her nipples harden, her pussy swells as it aches for his touch. Martin loves the way Zuzana tastes and he eats her with enthusiasm, telling her how beautiful her silky pussy smells and tastes. Up until this point in their relationship they have used a condom, but with Zuzana on birth control and with both lovers ready to commit to a trusting relationship, she allows him to enter her for the first time without protection. We see her juices glistening off his bare cock as it stretches her pussy hole, the wet friction causing his dick to fully harden inside her.

Their love-making is intensely intimate and bursting with real feelings and passion. They have an emotional connection, a chemistry which heightens the scene and lifts it to another erotic level. This is not a typical-porn performance, it's an incredibly honest sex scene capturing shared pleasure, real orgasms, and genuine sex between a man and woman in lust.
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