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Main Video Thumb: Your Love In Me
Tour Video: Paula and Jeff are both 19 years of age and a real life couple that couldn't wait to get in front of our cameras. This horny pair of teenagers made love in a way far beyond their years with real passion and intensity. Paula is an incredibly beautiful young woman with exotic features and a body that no man....or woman could resist. Her slender frame and ample full breasts make her one of those natural wonders that we all dream about. She sucks her boyfriends thick cock in such a sensual way, teasing the tip and then taking it deep in her mouth. Then she guides him into her gorgeous pussy and the pleasure on both their faces is captivating. A beautiful example of young love.
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Main Video Thumb: Seeding Her
Tour Video: Violette looks so innocent and sweet. You can imagine her in a library studying hard and surrounded by books. But she'd be wearing a short plaid skirt and preppy shirt that highlighted just how smoking her body was underneath. Despite her
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Main Video Thumb: Catalan Girl
Tour Video: The beautiful Daniela is a new addition to the site and a very welcome one. At 20 years of age she is still quite inexperienced when it comes to sex so who better to teach her a few tricks of the trade than George. He might be twice her age but she finds his fit physique and smooth hard cock a real turn on. The olive skinned stunner has the most incredible ass which George quickly gets hold of and gropes whilst sucking on her natural pert breasts. He has to stop himself from coming on a few occasions as Daniela's tight pussy pushes him close to the edge. Usually the women fall in love with George on set. This time it's the other way around.
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Main Video Thumb: Coming Deeply
Tour Video: Lily is strikingly beautiful with looks that make the heads of both men and women turn when she walks down the street. Her boyfriend Thomas couldn't believe his luck when she first agreed to go out with him and he has been in heaven since. Her body is just as stunning as her face and her high sex drive makes her every guys dream. Thomas loves teasing her puffy nipples and knows it gets her wet in seconds. And the one things she loves more than anything is for her man to cum inside her amazing pussy.
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Main Video Thumb: Beautiful Youth
Tour Video: We had the pleasure of shooting Violette today. A beautiful young Czech model that had been contemplating getting into the business for quite some time. She finally decided to take the plunge when hearing that she would get to work with our top male stud George. She had heard extremely good things about him and couldn't wait to see if it was all true. On the day of the shoot she let George take charge and judging by the noises she was making even during the photo-shoot she was a very happy young lady. So much so that she let him cum inside her as she lost herself in one of her many orgasms.
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Main Video Thumb: Latina Love
Tour Video: British Born Ava has Mexican heritage and you can see her fiery Latino personality in all it's glory when she enjoys Julian's young cock. The 18 year old stud just has to sit back and enjoy the ride as Ava throws him around and devours his fit body and rock hard length. The 5ft brunette looks absolutely stunning as she gets herself off, using Julian as her sex toy and completely forgetting about the cameras that are filming her.
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Main Video Thumb: An English Girl in Prague
Tour Video: It is Sams first time in Prague, when she set her eyes on Julian we knew together her experience of Prague would be a moment to remember!
Being left in the room alone together they couldn't wait, touching each other and sharing passionate kisses. The look of pure lust in each others eyes. Just in time the camera started rolling capturing the moment they start to caress each others bodies, slowly undressing each other whilst exchanging desperate kisses. Sam can feel Julians excitement through his trousers and is keen to show him why he has every reason to be excited. She goes down on him teasing his hard cock with her tongue and taking as much of it into her mouth as she can. Julians eyes turn to pure lust as he watches her before turning her over showing his appreciation, he sucks and licks at Sams wet pussy making her squirm and orgasm. 
Feeling the effect he's had on her he slides inside her with ease, pushing deep inside her hitting that sweet spot until they can both take it no longer.
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Main Video Thumb: Raven
Tour Video: Gina kisses Martin, their warm wet tongues entwine with tender affection. She lays back, staring lovingly into his eyes, she can see the hunger on his face and she feels a tingle in her panties at the thought of him tasting her.

Martin loves eating Gina's pussy, he knows how to suck on her clit through her vulva just in the right way to make Gina's body tense up in pleasure. Her sweet honey is delicious and he savours every drop. His cock is rock hard and Gina's thoughts turn to sucking it, she enjoys the feeling of it twitching and getting harder as her lips massage his shaft.

When he finally enters Gina his cock slides in easily, her pussy is wet and hungry and it gobbles him up, wrapping his cock in the tight grip of her silky moisture. They make love with passion and feeling, and Gina comes while he penetrates her, her favourite way to orgasm.
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Main Video Thumb: Multiple Orgasms
Tour Video: Mary and Rob have been in a loving relationship for two years. They love experimenting in the bedroom and know each others bodies extremely well. 

Rob adores his girlfriend's incredible physique. Her shape is mind-blowing. With beautiful, plump breasts, a solid shapely bum and an irresistible pussy it's little wonder her boyfriend is a very happy man. Mary's phenomenal body and stunning looks give her the confidence to be completely uninhibited when it comes to sex. She demands more than one orgasm, she is the type of girl that can cum in numerous positions. She rides her boyfriend's hard cock with captivating joy. She closes her eyes to orgasm as Rob pulls out and covers her gorgeous vagina with a heavy load. He slips it back inside as she softly shudders and smiles.

From every angle she is sublime, if ever a woman was built for the physical act, it was her.
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Main Video Thumb: Change Of Plan
Tour Video: As Tommy watches his incredible young girlfriend getting ready for their night out, he can't help but get turned on. She is truly a delicious vision of natural beauty, her long blonde hair, her perfect brown skin and her incredible body.

Tommy takes Lola in his arms and kisses her, she knows what he wants and the thought of his cock hardening for her makes her excited. She touches him over his underwear and he's already growing stiff, she can feel him throbbing in her hand and it grows hot and moist between her legs. Lola remains clothed and takes her boyfriends cock into her mouth, he's the perfect size for her tiny pussy, she's so eager to feel him slip inside her that she just takes her panties to one side and slides down onto his throbbing cock.

We love having Lola and Tommy come to work with us, they are really a lovely couple in love.
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