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Main Video Thumb: Girls Who Like Girls
Tour Video: Eufrat and Blue are girls who like girls. There is no pretense here, what you see in this scene is a pure, uninterrupted and honest sexual experience between two women who genuinely love intimate lesbian moments.

The physical and natural beauty of the two girls enhances the aesthetic quality of this scene, but the real beauty comes from the true emotional connection as the feelings flow through them. 

Watch how beautifully soft and sensual it begins, and how the kisses get deeper and the eye-contact more powerful. Both girls were wet before their panties came off, and in the more explicit close-ups we tried to capture this wetness flowing in their pussies, flowing in harmony with the beauty and energy of this female experience. 

To us there is nothing more beautiful than watching the movement's in a girls body and the expressions on her face as she reaches the ultimate climax that is the female orgasm.
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Main Video Thumb: Double The Pleasure
Tour Video: This is a very special threesome indeed! Haven and Rita are two incredible young girls with contrasting looks, one a delectable redhead with pale skin and pink nipples, and the other a sultry brunette with amazing natural boobs! Our male model Patrick was so overjoyed when he saw the two girls that awaited him that he dropped his bag, put his hands to his head and said
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Main Video Thumb: Whats Your Fantasy
Tour Video: You always want your partner to be happy, yet even the most generous lover also has their own set of more selfish desires. Ivy and Marc have made it a game of taking turns. They call it What's Your Fantasy, and each time they are together, whoever's turn it happens to be gets to lay out the framework for what's to cum. Today was Ivy's turn and she wanted her man on top, powering her way toward a shared climax that left them both drained completely.
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Main Video Thumb: Climax
Tour Video: Some would say you can tell right away that this Climax is going to be a quickie because Alexis has her sneakers on during the action. Perhaps she is a mistress who needs to be ready at any moment to leave through the side-door so Martin's wife won't find out. Adding that layer of naughty suspense and the thrill of avoiding being caught in the act heightens the sexual tension and allows both of them to share in the success of this creampie finish. It's amazing example of how a simple set of sneakers can ignite a lustful afternoon of roleplay for couples!
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Main Video Thumb: The Way Love Goes
Tour Video: A gentle caress over his pants, soft sweet kisses and the warm taste of her tongue as each breath becomes more intertwined with the last. His hands groping at her ass and tugging at the fabric of her new lingerie. The whole afternoon together to explore the most sensual aspects of their relationship. For Amarana Miller and Marc Rose, that is exactly the way that love goes! Every giggle, wink or touch heightens the encounter and feeding off the energy they exchange, the couple soon becomes so much more than either of them ever could be on their own.
Video Thumb1 The Way Love Goes Video Thumb2 The Way Love Goes Video Thumb3 The Way Love Goes Video Thumb4 The Way Love Goes

Main Video Thumb: Come Around
Tour Video: Thomas works so often, running his own winery and keeping things going smoothly. He has been with Ivy quite a while but doesn't get the opportunity to Come Around nearly as often as he would like. The silver lining is that when these two lovers do get the chance to enjoy some time together, their passion overflows and drowns out everything else. You get the feeling they could be in a public park and wouldn't even know it as they focus so intently on each other and reach a point of sexual singularity together!
Video Thumb1 Come Around Video Thumb2 Come Around Video Thumb3 Come Around Video Thumb4 Come Around

Main Video Thumb: I Want Action
Tour Video: If we are being completely honest, the two most important words in any sexual encounter are
Video Thumb1 I Want Action Video Thumb2 I Want Action Video Thumb3 I Want Action Video Thumb4 I Want Action

Main Video Thumb: Love Game
Tour Video: If you want a chance at satisfying a gorgeous girl like Victoria you've got to have great game. Martin Q makes the most of his opportunities, smoothly talking his way from the bar to her apartment and helping Victoria to feel completely comfortable with him in a matter of just a few brief moments. Learning the play the Love Game takes time and experience, but taking things slowly and keeping them sensual is the key Dane Jones lesson all players ought to take from watching this sexy couple play so nicely together!
Video Thumb1 Love Game Video Thumb2 Love Game Video Thumb3 Love Game Video Thumb4 Love Game

Main Video Thumb: In The Mood
Tour Video: The best kind of sex is waking up next to a woman who just refuses to take YES for an answer. Lily makes it clear that she is in the mood as she kisses Martin sweetly, but even as he starts to sit up in response to her advances, she is quick to climb aboard to show him that she is ready to give the kind of effort in bed that has always make him feel like he is one of the luckiest men alive. From treating him to the paradise of her mouth, to their passionate thrusts and deep finish it's easy to see that when Lily is in the mood, she is capable of making anyone else want to join her right away.
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Main Video Thumb: You Cant Fight It
Tour Video: Whether you've been married for decades or only a few months, when an old flame comes to town, sometimes you can't fight off the urges that still glow like embers deep in your psyche. Samantha was always the one who got away, and the one George thinks about during quiet times alone. Sure he has moved on, for the most part, but given the chance to enjoy an afternoon together in her hotel during a recent business trip - his body would lever let him say no even if his vows said he would.
Video Thumb1 You Cant Fight It Video Thumb2 You Cant Fight It Video Thumb3 You Cant Fight It Video Thumb4 You Cant Fight It