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Main Video Thumb: Modern Love
Tour Video: Anna is a gorgeous brunette who can't get enough of her muscular, hunky lover, Joshua. The two share a frenzied make out session before peeling off each other's clothes, revealing Anna's perfect  natural tits, and Joshua's sexy washboard abs. Joshua sticks his cock inside of Anna's wet and ready pussy for a few moments before pulling it out and having Anna lick her own juices off of it. They catch each other's eye and the contact makes them surge with arousal. Finally Joshua pounds her pussy some more before cumming all over Anna's perfect ass.
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Main Video Thumb: You Make Loving Fun
Tour Video: Tiffany and Martin are a fun loving couple. They love to smile seductively at each other while gazing into each other's eyes. Brunette Tiffany loves Martin's sexy tattoos, and Martin loves Tiffany's gorgeous body. He unbuttons her cute plaid shirt and lifts up her skirt revealing a cute pink jewelled matching lingerie set. He sucks on her small nipples before Tiffany takes his growing member into her expert mouth. Soon the pair are fucking in their comfy bed, and moaning in sync with the rhythm of the pounding.
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Main Video Thumb: She's the One
Tour Video: Honey and Thomas J really like each other. In fact, the pair might be in love. You can tell this from the way they make out passionately and stare into each other's eyes. Things get hot and heavy when Thomas starts to rub Honey's pussy through her delicate pink panties. Her slit moistens even more with every touch from her lover. Thomas pulls his cock out of his pants and Honey moans as it enters her. She feels every inch until it hits that special spot that makes her scream with enjoyment, until Thomas cums right on her pussy.
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Main Video Thumb: She Is Beautiful
Tour Video: Brunette beauty Alexis was taking a nap and her lover Martin can't help but admire her body. He finds her so beautiful and wants to share the soft curves of her natural breasts and nice round ass with you. As she stirs from her slumber, Martin gets aroused. Things soon turn into a POV blow job with Alexis smiling up at the camera held by moaning Martin. You can tell she loves sucking on his swollen member. One thing leads to another and now it is Alexis who is moaning and gyrating from Martin's cock entering her wet cavern. When Martin cums in her mouth, she lets it drip out so you can see every drop.
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Main Video Thumb: Forever and One
Tour Video: It's Halloween, and that means it's time to get spooky. We're here to prove that spooky can be sexy. Peter is an undead creature, who must feed every year on All Hallow's Eve on a lusty lady who can't resist his charms. He inhales her earthly scent before licking her ripe pussy and having her suck his other worldly dick. His cock gives pleasure unbeknownst to mere mortals and the new sensations make Anna moan and groan as she lolls around under her undead lover. Once he's cum on her, Peter leaves her in a deep slumber, so she'll think it was all just a dream.
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Main Video Thumb: Kiss and Tell
Tour Video: Joshua takes Jenny in his arms and kisses the gorgeous blonde. She knows what he wants and the thought of his cock hardening for her makes her pussy wet. She rubs his stiffening cock over his underwear and it starts to grow. She can feel the dick throbbing in her hand and it grows hot and moist between her legs. Jenny remains clothed in a gold dress and takes her boyfriends cock into her mouth, he's the perfect size to stretch her tiny pussy. She is so eager to feel him slip inside her that she doesn't even remove her panties. She just moves them to one side and slides down onto his throbbing cock.
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Main Video Thumb: Give It Up
Tour Video: Anna and Martin give you a little POV peek into their intimate sex session. Anna starts out showing off her golden lingerie and long black hair for the camera, which is held by her lover Martin. Soon she's giving him a blowjob and seemingly staring right at you through the camera, paying close attention to Martin's big swollen member. He fucks her gorgeous pussy, and you see it from his perspective. Her ass bounces up and down on his cock eagerly. Finally she sucks the jizz out of his cock and swallows it to finish off this sensual little sex tape.
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Main Video Thumb: Love You Better
Tour Video: Tracy and Tim are a sexy duo that are always searching for ways to love and appreciate each other in better and different ways. Their sexual intimacy is one area where there are no improvements to be made. Tim strips the blonde's clothes off revealing electric blue lingerie that stands out against her tan skin. Tracy then takes Tim's cock into her mouth, looking at him with her big eyes before he puts it into her willing pussy and pounds away. Tracy smiles as she feels the jizz dripping onto her slit, before entering a warm embrace with her lover.
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Main Video Thumb: Romeo
Tour Video: Anna has finally found her Romeo in Lance. She knows from the way he looks at her while they're making out that it's the real deal. He is always a gentleman, making sure she gets some pleasure by way of a finger fucking before he sticks his big cock in her slit. Anna rides him to an orgasm, her beautiful natural body curving as she arches her back from the sheer pleasure of wonderfully connected and intimate sex with her lover. Anna and Lance share a kiss after he gives her a nice creampie that seeps out of her contented pussy.
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Main Video Thumb: Something About You
Tour Video: There is just something about Tim that has Tracey turned on. Maybe it's the way he sensually kisses her with a special glint in his eye. It could be the way he licks the blonde girl's beautiful round breasts and nipples, sending shocks and waves of pleasure to her pussy. It could be the way he pounds that pussy hard with his big hard cock, helping her rise to a huge orgasm, with the addition of her fingers quickly rubbing her precious clitoris back and forth. Maybe it's the way he gazes at her, intimately, after he's spread his seed all over her satisfied slit, that lets Tracey know, there's something special about this one.
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