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Exclusive High-Quality Creative Erotica in Full 1080p HD.
At we believe that sex is beautiful and endeavor to create unique and passionate pornography, capturing real feelings and genuine intimacy. Join us and experience a new wave of female and couples friendly porn shot by professionals, in beautiful high-quality and available in 1080p FULL HD.

Main Video Thumb: Close To You
Tour Video: Thomas may look like a warrior but in the bedroom he's one of our most sensual and romantic partners. Today he's in the mood for close intimate love-making and whom better to share that with than Morgan a naturally gorgeous brunette.
They share plenty of soft kisses as they caress each other's bodies gently removing clothes revealing more skin to be desired. Their need for each other becoming so strong Morgan sits Thomas back on a chair pulls her skirt up and climbs on top of his already erect length, riding slowly allowing all of his cock to fit in her tight hole.
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Our content is 100% exclusive. All of our videos and photos are available in multiple formats and resolutions, including 1080p HD, and also mobile formats.We are trying to redefine pornographic erotica and set a new standard in unique adult entertainment.

Main Video Thumb: Come With Me
Tour Video: Martin is becoming ever so popular with our DaneJones women and today the seemingly innocent Lily wanted to test his orgasm producing skills. Happy to share moments with such a beautiful woman Martin was more than happy to show her what he could do, kissing and caressing her young body paying special attention to her already erect nipples before working his way down to her sweet spot to really get her attention. Already wet for him he adds to her excitement by swirling his tongue around her clit until she's ready to feel his thick length deep inside her.
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Lesbian Erotica, Passionate Sex, Intimate Masturbation Videos
Our unique and exciting videos focus on genuine pleasure, real orgasms, emotional connections, chemistry, and natural beauty! We shoot creative stories and our scenes feature deep passionate kissing, eye-contact and real feeling.

Main Video Thumb: Please Please Me
Tour Video:  We love to combine experience here at DaneJones and experience doesn't come in a better form than Zuzana and George combined.
George loves to see Zuzana's heavenly body and removes her clothes quickly revealing the temple he's ready to worship. 
Caressing her curves whilst working his way down to her sweet pussy ready to lap up the juices he's created; she tastes so divine George continues until she orgasms. Zuzana then works at relieving George's tension by sucking on his aroused cock.
Video Thumb1 Please Please Me Video Thumb2 Please Please Me Video Thumb3 Please Please Me Video Thumb4 Please Please Me

Natural feminine beauty from around the world.
We love all forms of feminine beauty, we do not believe in digital manipulation and the manufacturing of conventional beauty. We strive to use a myriad of different girls to cater for all kinds of tastes.

Main Video Thumb: Wake Me Up
Tour Video: Lucy was enjoying an afternoon nap when Steve feasts eyes on her, seeing her incredible beauty he waits no longer to wake her up using the best method he knows how, sex.
Caressing her lovely curves she responds by pulling him into her, they exchange some passionate but gentle kisses before Steve turns up the heat.
Sliding his hands between her thighs he begins to stroke her sensitive pussy, teasing her clit over and over until he feels her sweet juices cover his fingers and he dives down for a taste.
Lucy now intensely aroused takes his thick length into her mouth enjoying it like her favorite ice lolly before allowing him to penetrate her deeply.
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Main Video Thumb: Where Are You Going
Tour Video: Experience pays off in this business so combining contract girl Gina with stallion George for another scene together was absolutely necessary. We know our Gina loves sucking cock and she loves nothing more than George's hard length, she sucks on it like it's her favourite lollipop at times taking it all into her mouth! She's hungry for his cum but George is after a taste of her pussy first. After plenty of orgasm filled foreplay Gina finally let's him slide deep inside her moist pussy fucking her hard until, after an incredible build up, they both get their release.
Video Thumb1 Where Are You Going Video Thumb2 Where Are You Going Video Thumb3 Where Are You Going Video Thumb4 Where Are You Going

Main Video Thumb: Real Love
Tour Video: Sicilia and Andy have something incredibly special and we are glad to of been able to capture this on film. Their genuine love between the pair makes for a beautifully sensual scene, with plenty of kissing to get themselves (and us) fired up. They trail off into their own world of pleasure, lots of gentle orgasm filled foreplay before Sicilia climbs on top of her man, riding him slowly allowing his length to fill her completely.
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Main Video Thumb: Passion Play
Tour Video: Creating scenes of passion is something we pride ourselves on here at DaneJones and this scene contains plenty of that. Martin loves worshipping the female form, he tends to every part of a woman's body ensuring she feels as sexy as she appears to him and Kendra was no exception. Martin takes his time sharing passionate kissing before laying Kendra back, opening her legs and tending to that sweet pussy with his tongue and fingers until he tastes her delightful cum. Kendra returns the favour taking his increasingly hard cock into her mouth wanting to taste his juices but Martins not ready yet, he wants to penetrate her deeply first.
Video Thumb1 Passion Play Video Thumb2 Passion Play Video Thumb3 Passion Play Video Thumb4 Passion Play

Main Video Thumb: Burning For You
Tour Video: Ria oozes sex appeal from head to toe, everything about this woman is incredibly irresistible and no-one knows this better now than George. The desire between these two was as intense as a hot flame, once alone in their room together clothes started being removed immediately. Their passion growing with each item of clothing removed, gently touching each others most erotic zones allowing every sensation of touch to be explored. After some truly erotic foreplay we see George take control and penetrate Ria's moist pussy from behind, tugging at her hair allowing him to thrust deeper giving her the most intense climax.
Video Thumb1 Burning For You Video Thumb2 Burning For You Video Thumb3 Burning For You Video Thumb4 Burning For You

Main Video Thumb: My Desire
Tour Video: George desires young beautiful women he loves the feel of their soft skin, the firmness of their titties and their enthusiasm for love-making and of course who would any of our women want but the expert in the orgasm-making field than George.
Despite the age difference of over twenty years between them Denisa couldn't wait to experience George's mature sexual experience, just kissing him her bald soft pussy becomes wet; allowing his fingers to slide in her tight hole with ease. 
Keen to show George her skills she sucks on his length taking as much in as possible before allowing him to bend her over and show her once more why he's an expert at making a woman cum.
Video Thumb1 My Desire Video Thumb2 My Desire Video Thumb3 My Desire Video Thumb4 My Desire

Main Video Thumb: Ecstasy
Tour Video:  Ecstasy is a word we use to describe a moment when we are so happy to us, right at that moment, things could not get any better. It's a term we all use at some point to describe that ultimate emotion of complete fulfillment and this is exactly why this scene is named after that. Lucy is an incredible woman with complete openness about her sexual needs, herself and Martin spent time flirting off set telling each other just how they like to be satisfied. Lucy made sure to tell him that she loves nothing more than riding a nice horny cock until she feels his load explode inside of her. That for our buxom brunette is ecstasy, that is exactly what she wants from Martin today.
Video Thumb1 Ecstasy Video Thumb2 Ecstasy Video Thumb3 Ecstasy Video Thumb4 Ecstasy